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19 Oct

Mihajlo Pupin

Mihailo Pupin was born on October 9th, 1854 at Idvor. For his inventions Pupin filed a total of 34 patents in the period between 1894 and 1934. Almost all the patents are from the field of telegraphy, telephony and radio. During his lifetime he...
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6 Oct

Nikola Tesla Museum

The Nikola Tesla Museum is dedicated to honoring and displaying the life and work of Nikola Tesla. Is located in the central area of Belgrade, Serbia. It holds more than 160,000 original documents, over 2,000 books and journals, over 1,200 historical technical...
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1 Oct


We are happy to announce that HostelBEogradjanka celebrating 2nd Birthday today. You can participate in our quiz and earn 20% discount. The only thing you need to do is: 1. like Hostel Beogradjanka facebook page 2. answer on question: Do you know in which...
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24 Sep


In Serbian language ‘Beogradjanka’ consist of words: beo=white, grad= city and + j’anka= not to explain why, its too complicated, but ‘anka’ can be name for a girl. Guess what Beograd means? All these words together or ‘Beogradjanka’ literally in Serbian = Belgrade...
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