House Rules

Dear guests,

We are delighed that you have chosen to stay in our hostel, and we will of course do our best to make your stay as pleasant as possible. In return,please behave having in minde other guests as well as our neighbors. In that matter please read and obey following rules:


Rooms are at your disposal from 11am. Exception can be made and you will be able to check-in at any time if we get prior notification. We supose to be notified when groups will arrive approximately one week before the arrival date.

Valid Passeport is a requirement. Managment may request additional information as required from guests.

Check-out is until 10am.

The room you book will be waiting for you until 13.00 pm. If you do not arrive by 13.00 pm and fail to inform us in advance, your no show will bec onsidered a cancellation of the booking and the room might be rented to another guest.

In case of late arrival without prior notification, we will try to provide you with an accomodation within the available capacities.

*Only for domestic guests: Valid ID is also acceptable.


Luggage can be placed in the luggage store. However we cannot accept any responsibility for loss or demage to the luggage.


You can pay by cash or credit card. Payment is going to be proced upon arrival, and if you don’t pay upon check-in you will not be allowed to stay the night in hostel.


We are not responsable for any perosonal injuries of our guests.

No food outside refrigerators is allowed.

Please mark the food and drinks you put in refrigerators with your name and the date, otherwise it will be discraded. 

Every guest is entitled for free bedding and 2 towels. After a 7-day stay, the towel and bedding can be exchanged for fresh items at the reception desk free of charge.

The kitchen is open to all guests of the hotel. After every use, please wash the dishes and clean the cooking area.


Please note that smoking is not allowded in any room in our hostel, accept terase and balkony.

Fire regulations and fire exits are clearly marked. Make sure you know where fire extinguishers are located.

The use of electric heaters, stoves and other devices that produce heat in the rooms is forbidden.


Respest other guests the way you would want to be treated by them.

For any delibrate demage to the proprety or a theft you will be finde with expences of the demage.

Please do not cause any demage too or remove furniture or change its position in the room, for any demage or removal we will claim compesation for demage.

The hostel is not responsible for any demage, loss, or theft caused to your personal belongings.

The quiet time for sleeping is from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. Out of curtesy to other guests and our neighbors please be quiet when you come in late or leaving early in the morning.

We love animals, but we cannot host them. An exception can be made for guide and service dogs by arragement with the hostel management.

Nudity is strictly forbidden.

For security resons central common room, chack-in room and kitchen in hostel are under survellian cameras.

You are not allowded to recieve any guests in any times. Exception can be made if you ask in advance, but only in common room and only during the day.

If you recieve any guest without prior notification in the room we will be alloweded to charge you an extra night for each person that staid in hostel without notification.

Please carry the keys to your room with you. A lost key will charged €10. A €10 key deposit will be collected upon arrival.

It is not permitted to run any bussines or trade for commercial purposes on our premises.

Sleeping bags are not allowed.

Drugs and weapons are strictly forbidden on the permises of the hostel. If found we would be entitled to confiscate hem and call the police.

The consumption of alcoholic drinks on the permises is forbidden.

The owner, menager, staff and security have the right to check your compliance to the following house rules at any time and without yourpermition. Also any failure to comply with the hostel rules will be SANCTIONED and could result in:

Temporary confiscation of your proprety

Charging for the caused damage

Your dismissal from the hostel without compesation

Notifaying the authorities

If you need any aditional information, please contact us or ask on reception desk.

With love your menagment of be hostel.