24 Sep



In Serbian language ‘Beogradjanka’ consist of words: beo=white, grad= city and + j’anka= not to explain why, its too complicated, but ‘anka’ can be name for a girl. Guess what Beograd means? 😄

All these words together or ‘Beogradjanka’ literally in Serbian = Belgrade Girl.

But inspiration for name was not Belgrade Girl, but one of the tallest buildings in city center of Belgrade which is located only few steps away from hostel, and because of its emphasized aspiration to dominate with its high 24-story part as the city’s reference point – it did get name ‘Beogradjanka’.

Fun Fact: The last time lights on the top floor were brightening was in year 1990. Lucky it is witting for renovation with beautiful restaurant and amazing view on the top 😉

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