Is it all an illusion?

Test your senses and take a peek into the world of illusions!
28 Jul

Is it all an illusion?

For Belgrade, it looks like that this year is the year of museums and art. At the end of last year, the Museum of Contemporary Art opened after 10 years of renovation, as well as the National Museum of Serbia which was closed for over 15 years and reopened this July!

That is a huge step for the Serbian cultural scene and we are so happy that finally, we can be proud of the amazing paintings and sculptures that closed behind locked doors for so long. But, besides the well known museums of classical and modern art that can be found around the world, there is something that stands out : Belgrade became richer for a museum that provides its visitors with an opportunity to explore the world of illusions and experience the impossible.
Yes, we are talking about The Museum of Illusions.

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A few days ago we had the opportunity to visit the museum thanks to Dijana who works there. She came to Hostel Beograđanka to tell us all about it and intrigued us about this whole new world that we were more than ready to explore. A mirror room, a kaleidoscope, a room that changes the person’s perception of size, didactic-logic toys and riddles are just parts of the exhibits that we have experienced in the newly opened.

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The fascinating world of illusions is designed to make us question our own senses. It’s an ideal place for all generations: students, children, parents, grandpas and grandmas, couples…

We were also brave enough to go into the Vortex tunnel, one of the rear tunnels of its kind in this part of Europe. Here you can learn a lot about vision, perception, human brain and scientific explanations behind illusions in order to understand why the eyes see things that the brain does not understand.

Test your senses and take a peek into the world of illusions!




By: Natasa Gvozdic

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